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I have been using Vision Boards for decades, with great success and every year I check to see if I should start a new one. This year I realized several of the things on my current board had been achieved but there were still a few dreams still to come. So I’ve left my board, which is a red (the colour of manifestation) magnetic glass board with pictures stuck all over it on the wall to keep doing it’s thing, but I decided to create a separate vision board that targeted the energy and changes I wanted to create in my life.

Vision Boards Can be in Many Forms

Vision Board SampleEvery vision board I create is different, but all have managed to create the same successful results. At times I have a few different boards going.

I have a general board similar to the one here, which focuses on general things like holidays, material objects, relationships etc.

I have a whiteboard where I write my ideas for my writing projects and where to take them.

And now I have a digital vision board, which focuses on the energy I want to create.

When looking for a house a placed all my visions of my perfect house on strips of paper and sealed them in a tiny tin and put it  inside my pillow. We only had one month to find a house, so I thought it needed to be close to me all the time. We bought the house right on the deadline and it had every aspect I’d written down and placed in the tin except for two things I was later glad not to have.

Now I’m inviting you to create a vision board and if you are a Pinterest member, follow me and I’ll invite you to post your vision board on the new community board.

Imagine how much extra energy your visions will produce if they are shared on Pinterest.

Believe me Vision Boards work. Try it now.

Happy Dreaming,


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