SPORT: Oh what a feeling!

sport acronymA pictures says a thousand words, so I’m going to keep this brief.

Parents Listen to Your Child:

Well intending parents often send their children off to do the sport one of the parents of both love.

My SPORT  acronym: “Socially, Powerful & Organic, Respect, Trigger”  is so true. Whether it is a team game, or individual sport or a physical activity, if someone becomes good at it, they gain great self respect, and also respect from others. It’s a very natural and organic response.

However; if a child is pushed into an activity that doesn’t suit them, they will feel like a failure and lose their self-respect. So parents, listen to your child, and even if it isn’t what you’d choose, respect their desires You will see them shine.

This is the first of many posts that will be inspired by one of my Twitter followers.  I have great respect for my Twitter followers and sometimes I am inspired to write something based on their profile.  Today’s post was inspired by

Colleen Grimes @collgrimes   

Congratulations Colleen.




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