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The Secret Society For Young Adults

The newest addition to Young Adult Hyperspace is a private chat group on LinkedIn. You have to make a request to become a member, so that only young adults can be part of the group. This site is private so that young people can feel relaxed about what they talk about and know that their mum or dad isn’t going to pop into the conversation – Ugh!Shhh! It's a secret


Of course, I manage the page, and I am an adult, so I won’t allow posts with bad behaviour or language, so parents can rest assured that their aspiring young adults will be treated well. This group is about getting your frustrations out or sharing inspiration with your peers. I won’t interfere with conversation, unless I can offer you a link to something that may help or a fellow member who has had a similar problem, who can support you.

Sometimes it will just be about letting off steam. You can start up new conversations at any time. The best way is to pose a question in the title bar. eg: What bugs you about school? or Who is your latest crush and  what makes them so awesome?  In the details section write your own answer. That way your friends can see your answer and write theirs.

I look forward to getting your application for membership. Teen/Tween Hang Out.



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