The Colour Fix

Anger Is Red, Sadness is Blue, Fix the Emotion Troubling You.

Passion is an emotion that can drive us to create greatness, so it is the one emotion we want to keep around, but there are many emotions we can do without. Each one of us has a predisposition to a particular emotional state, which is associated with our colour personality. This means niggly emotions like anger, which is a red emotion or sadness, which is a blue emotion can be regular visitors in our everyday life.

Let’s look at how you can use colour to banish those emotions when they arrive, kind of like using garlic for vampires. This can be used for yourself, or to influence those around you who have been suffering any of the listed emotions. All you have to do is introduce the colour, which is listed as a remedy, into the life you want to change.

By introducing the remedy colour through clothing, your surroundings, gemstones, the colour of food you eat, coloured oils, or connecting with people who have a personality that is listed in one of the remedy colours you can find relief.

The table below has three sections:

  1.  The colour personality associated with the emotions.
  2. The emotions, behaviours, or actions displayed or felt.
  3. The remedy colour to improve the situation.

Colour fix it table pub

I hope you find relief from the nagging emotions that most affect you, with the simple technique of adding a new colour into your life.



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