The End is Near

It’s time to burn away all those old beliefs and get ready to embark on a new path.


Is this the End of the World or the Start of a New Life?

As the end of the Mayan calendar approaches, there is so much speculation about what may happen on December 21st at 11.11 UTC.. Anyone who has read Arkrealm The Apprentice will know that this number is significant in the story and represents great changes in our world. It can also mean great changes for you too.

We were all born with the capability to re-connect with Divine Spirit or the higher power from which we originated. I don’t mean through death though. I am talking about tapping into our intuition; that little niggling voice that nudges you to do things out of the ordinary. Often we ignore our intuition because it pushes us to face our fears or to take on a challenge. Mostly, as our lives take shape we totally ignore the wisdom of intuition and make decisions based on logic.

Do I feel that the Mayan calendar heralds the end of the world? Not at all! I do sense that this is a time of opportunity for us all to re-connect with Universal Energy. It’s the time to tap into your intuition and listen to all the ideas it feeds you every day. In the past you may have thought of these sparks of insight as random or perhaps even crazy thoughts. I always think of intuitive messages as highlighted thoughts. It’s as if someone ran a highlighter across the ideas to make them stand out. It wasn’t until I began to act on those thoughts that I found amazing portals of psychic ability that still astound me.

Each one of us has a different way of connecting to our intuition; the key is to find your tools. The list below contains common tools used by psychics, intuitives and mediums;

  • Oracle cards; tarot, angel, fairy, astrology, colour, animals
  • Crystals, gemstones and crystal balls
  • Aura reading either by sight or feel
  • Connection to spirits through mediumship
  • Ruins; stones which hold symbolic messages
  • Dowsing with a pendulum or rods
  • Numerology or astrology
  • Communicating with angels or spirit guides
  • The use of amulets or talismans
  • Analysing colour choices
  • Palmistry or tea leaf reading
  • Psychometry; the art of reading messages from objects
  • Dream analysis – to understand hidden unconscious messages

These are only samples of the hundreds of ways to access your intuition. The main thing to remember is that it has to be something that is natural for you. I find that when I take clients back to the things they loved as a child they suddenly recall something unique they did. We can then look at ways this childhood quirk could lead to tapping into their intuition.

As a child I had a fascination for colour and I would write people’s names in beautiful colours and then draw pictures around them. Everyone thought I was just some crazy doodler. Years later I turned this childhood trait into a way of doing psychic readings. You see I realized I was subconsciously tapping into peoples’ energies through the doodles. The script I drew created an outline of the client’s life and the answers they were seeking. I call these readings Lifescript.

So if you would love to tap into the psychic ability that is naturally yours then think back to your childhood. The answers are always there, because up until  age seven, or there about, you did everything intuitively. Think about how much you picked up and learnt at that age.

I love seeing people soaring forward as they gain confidence with accessing their intuition, so until the 21st of December. 11.11 UTC. I am offering you the opportunity to get a free reading from me. After that date free readings will only be given on the 11th of each month throughout the year. I promise you I’m not going to hound you after I’ve done the reading, but I do ask that you honour the process outlined on the facebook page. Click on the link below.

Free Psychic Reading    until December 21st. 11.11 UTC.

Good luck with finding your intuitive niche,




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