The Gift of Love

The power of loveLooking for the Perfect Christmas Gift?

It’s almost around the corner, the morning children all over the world wake up to see what Santa has left. Parents stress over making sure they get the perfect truck for little Johny or the most realistic doll for Sara-Jane, but sometimes amongst all the hype one thing is forgotten – the most perfect gift one can give is LOVE. I know this sounds a bit syrupy, but it’s true. The most memorable thing a child can have is the recollection of how much love they had from their parents. As we grow up the greatest gift is knowing that our partner loves us. We often take this for granted, we assume that those we love know how we feel. But do they really?

Say the Words.

Don’t just assume that everyone knows how you feel – say it, write it, make your feelings heard. Don’t just tell them you love them, tell them why you love them. It’s not just a gift for the receiver but the giver as well. There is a joyfulness in expressing what you feel deep inside and you will leave your loved one feeling  truly worthy. Just imagine if you opened your Christmas stocking and words of love tumbled out, poured over you and into your soul. Wouldn’t that be a memorable Christmas present.

I hope your Christmas is filled with love,


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