The Meditation Maze

Sometimes meditation can seem like a dark maze we are trying to navigate. Use what feels natural to you and just relax.


A follower on the facebook page for Arkrealm the Apprentice asked for some advice on meditation so I thought I’d write this blog so that others could also get the benefit.

I have had a fascination for all things spiritual and mystical all my life, but it wasn’t until I reached nineteen that I started to understand the extent of my passion. However, it seemed that all roads led to meditation, whether it was alternative healing, psychic development or stress relief and I found meditation difficult.

Unfortunately, I kept judging myself as a failure because I just couldn’t do it. It sounds so simple doesn’t it, just sit quietly and think of nothing. Sure. Like that’s ever going to happen. Usually, as soon as I close my eyes I begin sorting out my day or some other obscure thought comes in from who knows where. I find it hard to shut off the mind chatter. Believe it or not to me blogging is almost a type of meditation. All the thoughts churning around in my head get put down in writing and my head space seems to clear for a while. Halleluiah!

I have persisted journeying through the meditation maze for thirty-three years now, so I can say I am kind of an expert—an expert at trying at least, and getting it right some of the time. Hey, nobody’s perfect. I have tried just about every meditation technique over the years. What I did come to realize is that we are all different. It’s not a failing if you can’t meditate one way, just try another. As long as you get results you are a huge success.

If you want to start meditating, I would suggest you do it in very small sessions to begin with. My wonderful yoga and meditation teacher, Michelle, from Yoga101 goes over several meditation techniques each week, which take only a few minutes each. She also explains that if you try to do too much at home in the beginning you will burn out. I agree.

What I do know is that you have to use something that works for you. As a dancer and teacher I was always active, so a silent meditation is the most difficult for me. Another problem occurs because of my sensitivity to energy. When I go deep into meditation I start to hear a very loud whirring noise in my head and then all the muscles in my neck, head and face begin to pulse. It is like a healing session is taking place or I am being bombarded by psychic messages. It can become quite uncomfortable.

You might think that I would just want to get rid of these sounds altogether, but I definitely don’t because I use the sound to help with my psychic readings. If I mentally ask a question that has either a  yes or no answer, and I hear the sound in my head it means the answer is a yes, if there is silence it is a no. Thankfully, through my meditation classes I have found a way of controlling the increased psychic activity during meditation, so it doesn’t become unbearable.

Let’s look at the various forms of meditation and perhaps you can find one to suit you.

  •  Silent/blank meditation (for me only short sessions). These can include focusing on a candle, focusing on your breathing, or focusing on outer sounds and then slowly bringing the focus to your heartbeat.
  •   Paraliminal or subliminal CD’s, which are akin to hypnosis. I have found these helpful. A company called Learning Strategies has some wonderful CD sets.
  •  Stretching while focusing on positive affirmations
  •   Walking among nature and deep breathing
  •   Doing a repetitive activity where you can focus on an affirmation or mantra
  •  Visualizing a relaxing scene or future outcome or event
  •  Focusing on colour: working with gemstones and crystals helps me
  • There are many wonderful authors with CD’s to help with various focusing techniques. Dr Wayne W. Dyer has an unusual format called The Gap.
  •  Find a good meditation group that uses many different techniques, so you can experiment and get the full experience of meditation
  •   I love to choose spiritual cards: angel cards, colour cards, animal cards. I have drawers full of them. You may have guessed by now I get bored easily, so I have an arsenal of cards at my fingertips. I do this every night to get a positive message to sleep on. I also focus on the messages as I meditate or walk. For me it is important to get a straight forward message, some card sets over complicate things, that’s only my opinion of course. These complicated sets send my brain into overload—certainly not meditative.

I have many card sets, but I encourage you to start with the simplest ones first. I will do a separate blog next week about the card sets I feel are the easiest to work with if you are starting off. I may even do it as a kind of book/card review page.

Until then, happy meditating.


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6 Responses for " The Meditation Maze "

  1. Dee Dee December 14th, 2012 at 10:28 am 1

    Thank you Helena and Mary. It’s nice to know my words resonate with others.

  2. Mary Mary December 12th, 2012 at 9:43 pm 2

    Thanks Dee. I have tried many forms too and find visualisation the best. I enjoy your blog and will keep reading!

  3. Helena Lettau Helena Lettau December 5th, 2012 at 1:37 pm 3

    Hello Dee,
    I share your wonder for all things ‘more’. Simplicity is very important in our lives, I think, and that is one thing meditation offers. There is no reality, no linear time, and meditation is one method of practicing and understanding that. I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. drayson drayson November 29th, 2012 at 9:16 am 4

    Thanks for the comment Sheree. I remember you as enthusiastic and a dancer with natural talent, who was a joy to teach.

  5. drayson drayson November 29th, 2012 at 9:16 am 5

    Thanks for the comment Sheree. I remember you as a enthusiastic and a dancer with natural talent, who was a joy to teach.

  6. sheree pediic sheree pediic November 29th, 2012 at 8:52 am 6

    Hi Denise, love your blog style writing….very natural, down to earth experience and spot on! I have turned off the TV now to read your meditation article and realize I too have been practicing many forms over the years…..these techniques helps us to grow and discover the right answer to our questions which at times is not what appears to be the right answer but what is meant to be, or helps us to learn, or grow in our personal lessons in life…..your blogs are opening up paths for me…Thank you! xo Look forward to many more inspirations ! (you first inspired me when I was about 10 years old and I watched you dance, you were fantastic! its a memory I will keep forever!)xo

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