The Power of Like-Mindedness

Dreams take flightHave you ever wondered what it would take to get your dreams up and running?

The answer is the power of the collective.

Science fiction films and television series have featured the power of  races which are able to share a hive mentality aka “The Collective”. Did you know that collective consciousness is not science fiction, it is reality. If you have a dream that you wish for the future, the more supporters you have at an energetic level the easier it is to manifest the dream.

Positive Energy:

Whether you are trying to create a business,  a family, or a career opportunity the importance of positive energy is paramount. The worst possible thing is for you to share your dream and be shot down by an arsenal of negative responses. It is so important to connect with people who have a similar mindset, people who will encourage and inspire you to move forward with your dream.

My Dream:

My dream has always been to help people to be the best they can possible be. Last week I extended my dream with a brand new business plan that will take the fun and wonder of self-discovery right into the home of the average person. Those who perhaps know nothing at all about manifesting their dreams or personal-development.  Look out for my new business – coming soon.

Thank You:

So thank you to Rik Schnabel, the team at Life Beyond Limits, and my fellow students for pushing towards my dream and supporting me all the way. YOU ARE AWESOME.

Yay! To The Collective,


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