The Underground Psychic

Are YourUnderground Psychic Square RGB Beliefs Holding You Back?

Since February I have been studying and mastering some amazing transformational tools; Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Coaching  and Stage Presentation.  I did this with the infamous, brain-untrainer, Rik Schnabel. Boy did I have a s… load of crazy beliefs stored in my system that have held me back all my life.

Through each course I felt more and more layers peeling away.  Just like an onion, each layer made me cry, then laugh and finally let go. Like any personal development you always think you’ve reached  the core of all your problems until another layer surfaces. I rid myself of useless, unreal beliefs, but one belief still lingered………..

I Am Not Special Enough to Be Called Psychic

From a very young age I was fascinated with anything in the psychic realm even though I didn’t understand it. I would do energy healing techniques on my loved ones with no concept of what I was doing. I even felt others pain as if it were my own. I thought of this as being overly sensitive, after all, that’s why I had been burdened by so many allergies wasn’t it? It had been called over-sensitivity.

Up on a Pedestal

I looked at psychics as amazingly gifted individuals, something special that God had sent to the earth. As I got older I discovered  tools that I could use to do psychic readings, except I called them intuitive readings, after all, I certainly wasn’t special enough to be called psychic.

Stake in the Ground

It wasn’t until five minutes before I did my 15 minute graduation talk at the Speakers course that I just decided to throw away everything I had practiced  and wing it. Rik looked like the earth was about to blow when I exclaimed to the audience I wasn’t going to do any of the talks I’d prepared.  I finally had the message. Rik had been saying to us all “Put your stake in the ground of what you represent”. I thought I had, but in that five minutes prior I realized I hadn’t.

Sword Not a Stakesword in ground

It occurred to me while I was standing there about to shove my stake in the ground that it needed to be far more powerful, it had to be a sword. I slammed it into the ground and said “I’m Psychic”. It was like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer cared about judgements or my stupid past beliefs, all I cared about was admitting what I had been on this earth to do. My role is to show everyone that they are all special and psychic, it’s just about finding the right tool.

No Hiding Anymore

I’m about to embark on the hottest new craze in home parties Psychic Party Plans. I can’t wait to get into people’s homes and help them discover their own gifts, give them readings and set them on a path to their destiny. The release date for the first parties is just around the corner. Yea-ha! Bye the way I am known as The Underground Psychic, because I think we are all psychic, it’s just we’ve buried our talents, underground.

I’m looking forward to partying with you,



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