Uniting the Cultures of the World

Arkrealm the Apprentice has Superheroes from Every Continent

I’m just like millions of others in the world wishing for world peace, so when I started writing the Arkrealm series I thought what would it take to achieve that.  Unity among different cultures was the answer I came up with. So my focus in the beginning of the novel was to ensure  I introduced characters from different cultures and have them working in unity towards a positive project – the environment. I want this to be a quick and effective blog so I’m just going to give you the list of characters for the first Arkrealm book. Characters from other countries appear in book two, so don’t feel disappointed if your country missed out.  Read below to see how you can win a copy of one of the Arkrealm novels.

Red leader Blayze – Australia

Orange leader Replikye – Africa

Yellow leader Solarzay – India

Green leader Yarmour – France

Blue leader Whyce – England

Indigo leader Vanysh – Brazil

Violet leader Magnifay – Alaska

Magenta leader Prismya – Panama

Head of Arkrealm – United States

Red arkagent Stryke – Australia

Yellow apprentice Yozone – Malaysia

Win a  Copy of Arkrealm the Apprentice or Arkrealm II Abduction

Can you guess what country the Arkrogue leader Master Cosmos comes from? His country of origin is  not mentioned in the first novel, but he has a strong presence in the second novel. Write your guess in the comments section below, just for fun. Those who guess the right country will go into a draw to win a free copy of Arkrealm the Apprentice. If you already have the first book, you will get one of the first copies of Arkrealm II instead. Send your competition entry and name through this link. Win

If you are curious about how these characters got their unusual names then click on the link below.

The Arkrealm Names

This is only one aspect of Arkrealm the Apprentice that is used to bring global unity, read about the other in my next blog.





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4 Responses for " Uniting the Cultures of the World "

  1. drayson drayson April 10th, 2013 at 3:27 am 1

    Master Cosmos originated from China. Sorry to have no winners this time.
    Check out more competitions at Gift Central.

  2. Win Arkrealm The Apprentice Win Arkrealm The Apprentice February 18th, 2013 at 10:04 pm 2

    […] One hint: There isn’t a character from this country in the first novel Arkrealm The Apprentice, so to narrow it down you can check this link for hints. Uniting World Cultures. […]

  3. Carin Hawke Carin Hawke December 29th, 2012 at 5:29 am 3

    I think that Master Cosmos comes from Antarctica because it is the only continent not represented.

  4. Elyssa Hawke Elyssa Hawke December 29th, 2012 at 5:25 am 4

    I think that Master Cosmos comes from Greece because the word Cosmos originates from the Greek term ‘kosmos’ and also because most of the major mythical gods came from Greece.

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