Week 2 – Rhythm Coaching – Quotes of Inspiration

Life is shortHave you ever noticed how a quote can resonate with you at certain times in your life. It’s like someone knows you at your very core. The words speak to your soul.   I have studied spirtitual practices for over 30 years and the one thing I have always continued to connect with is the art of the quote. They are the great shifters of the Universe.  This weeks exercise is to create a quote that helps us connect with where you are right now or at least where you want to be.

Setting Your Intentions:

A good friend who was following my quotes page on Facebook Live a Quotable Life  said to me “Aren’t you being a hypocrite putting up a quote that you’re not doing?”.  I said “No, because that’s what and where I’m aiming to be, if I put it out there the Universe knows I’m serious and helps me get there.”  I’m sure he thought I was crazy.  You know what , I followed all of the quotes I posted at that time and I am now in a very, happy, space.

Share Your Dreams:

So I am now encouraging you to set your intentions of what you want by creating a quote that resonates with what you feel you need to reach your dream.   Feel free to post it below in the comments section, or go to my Facebook page Dee Rayson   and write it in the comment section after this post. For those of you who are keen to really put your intention out into the Universe, request to become an editor of Live a Quotable Life  where you can post picture quotes etc.  When messaging me to be an editor please include an email address, preferably one that relates to your Facebook page so that I can make sure you are a suitable fit for the page.

Rhythm Coaching:

This still falls under the category of Rhythm Coaching because it is fun to try and create a quote that is rhythmical, they tend to stick in the mind more.  So for those taking part in Rhythm Coaching this is week 2’s exercise….make your quote rhythmical.

Happy Quoting,



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