Weekly Coaching – The Rhythm of Life

Rhythm coaching


As I was setting my New Year’s resolutions I reflected where my successes came from in the past.  It took little time for me to realize what an important part rhythm played in my life and my greatest successes.  It has for you too, whether you realize it or not. Think about this…

When we are tots growing up we are taught to recall words using rhymes. Rhythm is a useful learning tool and a great way of ensuring information is retained.   Think of the popularity of Dr Seuss, there are multiple websites dedicated to the best Dr Seuss quotes and best books.  They stay with us forever, because they have a rhythm.


As a coach the number one thing to remember is to ask the right questions and that will enable you to dig right down to the core of the problem, release it and get your clients moving  forward ENTHUSIASTICALLY.  Enthusiasm is the key to success, without it your burning flame will flicker out with the slightest breeze.Passion up in smoke


My enthusiasm and success has always come from rhythm….music….dancing….poetry….and working with life’s rhythms like moon cycles and such.  So my gift to you each week is going to be some rhythm coaching. How it displays itself could be very different each week, it is a work in progress.

Read the rhyme above and think about it during the week.

By the way this is a RED week….red represents – New Beginnings, Passion &  Courage.


Each week there will be a question, please feel free to join in the fun and leave your answer in the comments section below.  I am not the only coach here, each and every one of you can help others to reach their goals, with your enthusiastic input.

The question of the week is…….What has you getting out of bed with enthusiasm to start the day? 

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