Destiny Check ListIS THIS YOU?

A baby is  about to be born. Her mother’s frenetic  heartbeat  pounds in her tiny ears.  Blood curdling screams cause the baby’s shoulders to curl inward protectively towards her chest.  There’s not much time, she knows she has to go through her DESTINY CHECKLIST.  The  final contractions pull the tiny figure down the narrow canal of her mother’s womb. Everything tightens around her squeezing her so tightly she feels as if she’s suffocating.  It is so hard to focus on the check list….ballet dancer…check, artist…check, mother of 2…check, business woman…check, entrepreneur…check.


The tension around the baby’s  head releases.  Noises, lights, cold;  The baby’s senses are overwhelmed by new stimulus. Someone is touching her skinshe begins to cry.  In that instant when the baby makes the human, logical decision to cry she forgets her DESTINY CHECKLIST  forever.  At least at a conscious level.  Beneath the surface though her soul constantly pushes her towards her destiny.


Up until the age of seven, (called the imprint period)  her soul still has a substantial influence on the girl’s choices, along with the influences of everyone around her: parents, family, friends, teachers, leaders and media. After seven though she begins to make choices based more on logic from the lessons she has already learned.  As the years go by and the girl becomes a woman she spends more time on detours away from her destiny, than on the path to her destiny. Why? Because, instead of living the life her soul knows she should live, she is attempting to live up to others’ expectations. She has also created limiting beliefs about herself that are untrue.  Her fears and phobias are creating constant obstacles for her because she does not realize that the challenge to conquer them gives her great strength. Instead, she cowers from them.


Most of us get locked in a holding pattern. 

D-Code Your Destiny LogoThat’s why I’m soon to launch my  business D-Code Your Destiny.  You see my destiny is to help clients get off the merry-go-around and create a blueprint that will ensure they reach and exceed their destiny.

If you want to  know exactly what is is you are supposed to be doing….FINALLY… then be sure to sign up for the newsletters so you don’t miss the upcoming announcements.

I can’t wait to see your potential find its place.



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