What is a Life Script?

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Life Script is a way of accessing messages from your soul, a psychic connection. I developed Life Script  as a way for me to tap into my intuition for answers. However, after years of using the system I discovered that this process doesn’t just work for me it works for everyone.

How Life Script Began

I had always been interested in psychic phenomenon and always been sensitive, to foods, chemicals and in particular energies. The more I learned about what the mind is capable of the more I wanted to use what I had, but I had no idea of how to decipher the messages I got. As part of my continuous self-development I went through a stage where I connected to my inner child. I started writing peoples names and colouring them in, just as I did when I was young. I soon recognized messages in the colours, graphics and script styles. I decided to try the process out by entering psychic competitions through a magazine called Psychic Interactive. Once I got my confidence up I began to win and keep winning.

Life Script Blossoms

I began using the process on my pupils, family and friends and then later on clients who wanted psychic readings. As with anything the Life Script process grew over time with more and more revelations. Now the system includes colour analysis, graphology and symbolism.

Life Script Workshops

At first I thought it was a process that worked for me alone, but then I let others experiment and found that anyone can do it.  I now run workshops to show participants how to use the system.

People write and doodle all the time and both change depending on moods. When creating a Life Script  the colours you choose for your Life Script give you messages directly from the soul. The way you write your name and the graphics you draw say a lot about your life’s journey and where your soul wants you to go. Often we have no idea of what direction to take in life, Life Script gives you direction.

Life Script Parties

My newest venture is the Life Script Party Plan. This is a fun, intuitive social gathering, where everyone in the room becomes psychic. They choose their colours, write their name and draw pictures around their name. I put the Life Scripts up on a screen and explain the messages coming directly from the soul. It’s amazing how much everyone knows intuitively.

Exciting to Share

It’s exciting when I see workshop participants realizing that they have received these unique messages. It reminds me of the thrill I had when I first discovered the gift I thought was mine. Of course now I’ve had a reality check, I’m not so special, anyone can do this.

I hope to share Life Script with you soon – watch out for the party plan,





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