What is the Definition of an Artist?

Artist quoteFor many years I swore I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body. Then I went to an intuitive art class that focused a lot on colour and feeling rather than artistic skills. Once I became confident with the use of pastels I began to explore further and gradually learn basic art skills.

What is an Artist?

Through most of my life I had the view that an artist is an exceptionally gifted person, but the truth is an artist is one who is willing to express their emotion through their art. This may be a visual artist like a painter, who uses colour and shape to express their emotions.  A musician who expresses their feelings through sound, even a theatre or street performer who portraits their uniqueness through acting or motion. I even classify dancers or choreographers as artists because they too portrait emotion in their performances or creations.

So perhaps you are an artist without even realizing that you are. If you are displaying your emotions to the world in abstract form you are an artist. Even if you’re just creating an inspirational Facebook page collating others’ creations, it still makes you an artist, because you are sharing what touches you emotionally. Never doubt that you have artistic merit. We all have it in some form.

Be an Artist Today by Expressing Your Emotions in a Shared Media,



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