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Linking Your Past, Present and Future

Go into the competition to win a Lifescript Psychic Reading


A brand new opportunity has emerged to win  a full Lifescript reading. This includes emailed  colour charts and instruction on how to choose your colours.  An emailed reading which will include your Lifescript graphic, (what I have drawn for you intuitively),  and pages of information about what the reading says: your past, present and future. These readings are normally worth $111.00 and take several hours on my part.

This offer is  connected to a facebook page called Spiritual Events Directory.  By offering a free reading I will be able to promote the Arkrealm series, the Arkrealm Project workshops and my Lifescript readings for 12 months for free. Take a look now and I hope to be giving you your free reading soon.

Free Psychic Lifescript Reading via Spirit Events Directory.

If you are not the lucky winner of the above link you may like to take advantage of Master Eleven Heaven.   Read about how on the 11th of every month you have the opportunity to get  a free mini reading.

May the 11th of each month bring you great abundance,









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