Winds of Change – Astrological Shifts

Material culling

Global Upheaval:

I don’t profess to be an expert on everything to do with astrology but I do know that this past six months or so has been a time of global upheaval.  Astrologists tell us it’s all to do with the alignment of the planets and I have to  believe it;  from what I’ve experienced personally and witnessed in others.

Time to Let Go:

The idea with these tumultuous times is to shift with the flux not fight it. Part of my shift is realizing that I need to let go of the home I thought I’d never leave, a home I love. Sure I could hold on tight to what I know or love, but to be able to achieve the vision I saw in the future I just have to let go. Last weekend I spent time cleaning out rooms, cupboards, storage, to make my home ready to go on the market. Looking around it’s so hard to imagine letting go of so much stuff, everything is connected to memories.


Feeling totally overwhelmed I sat and stared at the things surrounding me, wondering how I will put these precious things out. My plan is to downsize so that I can put all my efforts into my coaching and seminar business. Ah! Yes! Coaching. What would I say to a client? I’d certainly ask a lot of questions, but I’d then state.

Choose to keep the items that will definitely assist your future vision.

Keep the things that will set your next home up nicely and not overcrowd it, after all you want it to be unique and new, not a smaller copy of your past home.

Be excited about making room for NEW things.

Be enthusiastic  about giving others the opportunity to enjoy your things as much as you have.

Presto! I started shifting things out ready to  LET GO.

Want an invite to my garage sale? It will be a beauty.

The current astrological shifts herald times of change; work with it not against it,






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