Yellow – Taking Action

Your Soul Wants YellowTaking Action with Yellow

Yellow is like a magnet to you lately. It may seem odd because it’s not one of your top colours, but right now it has pulling power. Believe it or not your soul is trying its best to prompt you to take action. So let’s look at the possibilities of what a message to increase the amount of red in your life can mean when it comes to taking action.

The energy of yellow is fun-loving, focused and magnetic:

  • You have been distracted lately and you need to re-focus on what is important at this time.
  • It’s time to get your social mojo on and go out and have a great time.
  • Don’t be afraid to step into the limelight, imagine yourself like the sun and bring out your magnetism.
  • It’s time to take up an activity or course of study that you have been thinking about for a while.
  • Right now you have the opportunity to inspire those around you, don’t pull back and retreat out of fear, put yourself out there.

To assist you to take action on one of the above introduce the energy of yellow  by what you wear, bring it into your surroundings, spend time with people who have yellows energies to inspire you, see The Yellow Personality, and also eat yellow foods.

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