Your Christmas Gift

Christmas greetingThe Gift of Acceptance:

As the festive season comes around each year and we are besieged by parties and celebrations it’s  easy to go into self-judgment. As the waistline expands so does our vocabulary of negative self-talk. This Christmas give yourself the gift of acceptance. Realize that it’s been a long year and you deserve to celebrate your successes or perhaps bring some joy to your sorrow. It’s difficult to enjoy time with family and friends and count every calorie. It’s almost impossible to not have at least a little cheat. Sometimes if you don’t have a comfort break from your normally stringent routine you start the New Year already feeling deprived.

Give Yourself a Break:

I’m not saying to ridiculously over-indulge, I’m saying go easy on yourself. Don’t let your emotions become a roller coaster, one day of enjoyment, followed by a day of berating yourself for eating or drinking too much. Moderation of course is always a good rule, but this is a time to allow the soul to sing and give yourself a well-earned break from negative self-talk.

The New Year Awaits:

There is always the New Year to get back on track, I always hang out for the New Year knowing how good I’ll feel when I return to a healthy routine. I actually look forward to it. If I’d kept going on my program I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself, nor would I have a new start to look forward to, just a boring continuation.

Have an awesome Christmas and then a productive New Year,


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